100's of miles of mountain biking trails and Highway 89 is a speed bikers dream!

Things to Do


Bike the Mountains

The area is full of different types of terrain ranging from easy to expert level and can all be access only minutes from the Highway 89. Find places that are hidden deep in the mountains. Places such as Big Baldy Mountain with an elevation of over 9,000 ft high! Find bumps, jumps, rocks and sands to play in along the way to Big Baldy Mountain. Once you get there, you will find a lakes at the bottom of a giant glacier carved bowls, with gigantic boulders leading down. You can access only the top of the mountain with mountain bikes. We will soon have more photos of this amazing place and others hidden in the Little Belts.

Speed Biking

King's Hill pass is a great way to challenge yourself on your speed bike. The top of the pass is 6,800 ft and the bottom is 5,600 ft. Going up can be difficult, and coming down you can get going very fast on smooth, well-kept roads. Heading north of King's Hill Pass you will find the town of Neihart, and Belt Creek will be to your side until you reach Monarch 20 miles further. Monarch canyon lifts you above Belt Creek for a while until after you speed down Riceville Hill, a 2 mile long, 5% grade hill where you join up with the creek once again. Follow the creek along until you reach Belt Montana, and then onwards to Great Falls. This is also a very safe place to ride on the highway since most people driving are driving slower to see the scenery, and the road does not promote fast driving.