Find great campground location in the Little Belt, Big Belt, Highwood, Castle and Crazy Mountains.

Things to Do


Enjoy Paradise!

The Lewis and Clark National Forest is full of amazing campgrounds. There are many types of campgrounds available, such as full service campgrounds (Conestoga and KOA), designated National Forest Service campgrounds, and open camping. Many of these places are located directly at great fishing accesses and trails close to the highway. Open camping spots are also very easy to locate, but do not provide any services. Designated pay campgrounds located in the National Forest often have services such as potable water, garbage, outhouses, and power.

Little Belt Campgrounds

King's Hill  Indian Creek
Aspen Hay Canyon
Many Pines Dry Pole
Jumping Creek Dry Wolf
Moose Creek Richardson
Logging Creek Daisy Dean
Russian Flats Grasshopper
Spring Creek Upper Lion Creek 
Fred M. Ellis Memorial  Lower Lion Creek


Camping Checklist Things to Bring

Food, Drink and Cooler Extra Water
Tent Firewood
Firestarter - Lighter or matches Extra Clothing
Headlamp and Extra batteries Water Proof Boots
Cooking Utensils Tarp 
Bug Spray Bear Spray
Camera Sitting Chairs
Sunglasses and Sunscreen First Aid Kit
Motor Vehicle Trail Map GPS Unit 

Campground Locations