The trails in this area are spectacular with vast and almost endless routes to take, the Little Belt Mountains have a lots to do for everyone!

Things to Do


Amazing Hiking All Around

There are numerous beautiful hikes to take in the Little Belt Mountains located only minutes off Highway 89. The Lewis and Clark National Forest offers a variety of walking hikes that can take you to spectacular views. From easy hikes that take less than an hour to hikes that can take all day. 

Hiking Trails

Memorial Falls Sluice Boxes
Jumping Creek Big Baldy/Rhoda Lake 
Porphyry Peak Logging Creek
Elephant Rock Holiday Camp
Carpenter Creek Harley Creek


Hiking Checklist What to Bring

Backpack Food/Drinks
Binoculars Maps 
Hiking Boots Camping Gear
GPS Unit Extra Clothing
Knife Matches
First Aid Kit Sunglasses 
Bug repellent Extra Gas

Hiking Locations