Information about the Into the Little Belt Organization located in the Little Belt Mountain Range, Montana.


What is Into the Little Belts?

Our collective consists of several well qualified people who are extremely passionate about this area and the entire state of Montana. The founders of this organization are all born and raised around this area and want to see nothing but great things happen in the future. Creating Into the Little Belts is not just a form of safety we want to provide, but a place where all the information about this area is readily available. An amalgamation, if you will, of everything in this area that makes it so great. 

The Little Belts is a bastian of recreational opportunities and beauty and we would like to present this to the world in a responsible and organized fashion through great information, excellent photography, and always staying up to date with current events and news happening in the area. 

Our Mission

Currently the area we cover is primarely focused on the Little Belts and areas and a few other places just outside of the borders of the mountain range. We hope as our organization grows, that we can cover a larger radius, but still with the main focus always being the Little Belts. The area we will eventually be coveing starts at all major ports that will take you into the Little Belts. From Great Falls to Helena to Bozeman to Livingston to Harlowton to Lewistown and back to Great Falls.  We will also be covering these five mountain ranges; The Little Belts, The Big Belts, The Crazies, The Highwoods and The Castles.

Meet The Into the Little Belts Crew

Charley & Allyson Willett (and their 5 children)

Josh Plachy

Tim Ramsey

Callie Brown

Mike Hassemer