WATCH VIDEO: Duncan MacDonald and Alaina Gordon explain the details of the Coat Swap on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 at the  White Sulphur Springs Community Center


High School Student Spearheads Local Coat Swap

2nd Annual Coat Swap

White Sulphur Springs, Montana is a wonderful place to live, however for nearly half the year the temperatures can get pretty low. Without proper winter clothing life can be downright miserable. The Coat Swap wants to make winters a little more comfortable for everyone! At the swap there will be a variety of coats to choose from, and everyone is welcomed! This is a practical opportunity for families who have young children during their growing years. Just bring in the coat they have outgrown, and swap it for one that fits them this season. Even if you don't need a coat you may be able to find one for someone you know who does! The more coats that come in, the more options!  

The Coat Swap was spearheaded last year by Duncan MacDonald a 16 year old Junior from White Sulphur Springs High School. He wants to make sure everyone can enjoy these cold months, no matter what. In an interview with us, Duncan explained why he wanted to do a project like this, "My family and I really enjoy doing things for the community and I felt this project would possible to accomplish and be the most beneficial to the community."

Duncan is now a Senior and looking forward to going to college out of state. He wants to pass the torch and is looking for someone who wants to step up and take this leadership role within the community. Aside from attending school, a part-time job, sports and deciding on which college to attend, this project is very important to him and he hopes to see it grow over the years. 

All coats that are donated and not claimed are donated to Gooodwill. Duncan expressed that he wants the coats that have been donated to go to local people who need them here, but is happy they will eventually find a good home. He also encourages others to find ways to help their local community out.

Many businesses have taken note of Duncan's project and are coming along side him by taking in donations, helping get the word out and volunteering at the event itself. Alaina Gordon of Twin Sisters Trading Post has been helping with Duncan's project since it started last year. She explained that they would like to see all kinds of winter clothes, not just coats, but says for now they are focusing only on coats. She said its just a lot of fun to go and hang out with the community and try on coats with each other and not have to spend anything! In the upcoming years, both Duncan and Alaina hope to see growth and expansion as the community continues to come together. 


Written By: Charley and Ally Willett 10.17.2017


Date: October 25, 2017

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Location: Meagher County Community Center at 101 1st Ave SE

Food: Free cookies and warm drinks

Last Day to Donate: October 24

Donate at these businesses

Twin Sisters Trading Post

Castle Mountain Grocery

Mathis Food Farm

Tintina Resources 

Bank of the Rockies

Location of The Coat Swap