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Wheatland County

Where the Judith meets the Musselshell

Though this county only touches a small portion of the Little Belts, it is easy to find yourself in Wheatland county when seeking the Little Belt Mountains.  To get to the Little Belts you must travel to Judith Basin County or Meagher County. Along Highway 12, Harlowton is the main hub where can find most modern services and is the junction for Highway 191 which connects with 1-90 near Big Timber, Montana. There are also fishing accesses to the Musselshell and Judith rivers very close to town. Only 10 minutes from Shawmut, Montana is an angerlers dream called Dead Mans Basin. This unsuspecting lake is home to a state record of 38 pound Tiger Muskie caught in 2012 and is a great place to fish for the the big ones!