Organized to combat excess trash in public areas in the Little Belt Mountains.

Mountain Maid Service

What is the Mountain Maid Service?

The Little Belts is an amazing place to escape the heat and connect with nature. No one should have to step in a pile of trash or broken glass!  We at Into the Little Belts take this seriously, and if we're being honest, we take it personally. We have 5 kids and we love spending time in the great outdoors. We love sharing this area with everyone, and we want it to remain beautiful for generations to come.

Our goal is to create an ongoing cleanup effort of the dispersed campgrounds in the Little Belts. Each week we will clean up as many campsites as we can. Our primary focus will be in the Hughesville Dispersed Camping Area, near Monarch, but we hope to expand this effort... And this is where you come in!

Thanks to our skill sets in the fields of design, photography, and website development, we have been able to create the entire Into the Little Belts project on our own time and dollar. However, our own budget is limited in expanding what Into the Little Belts can bring to the mountains and the local communities. We believe with ongoing support from fellow Little Belt enthusiasts, we can do so much more! 

We have created a Patreon page where you can support us. Thanks to a robust and wonderful social media community, we believe if everyone pitches in even a dollar, we can easily keep pushing forward with great projects like the Heart Removal project, and the Mountain Maid Service... and have a better ability to take on new projects in the future. 


What Your Contributions Do?

When you contribute to our project, the money we receive from you goes to various operational expenses such as cleaning supplies, travel expenses, current and future project development and providing more live webcams. After you contribute, we will send you a present to show our gratitude for your support! 

 Into the Little Belts is NOT a non-profit. We are a subsidiary project of Little Belt Montana. You can contribute by going to our Patreon page, sending us a check or donating supplies directly to us. 

Pilot Episode-Season 1: Episode 1

Pilot Episode-Season 1: Episode 2

List of Materials needed for the Mountain Maid Service

- Garbage Bags

- Gloves

- Garbage pokers

- Masks

- Magnetic Wands

- Hand Sanitizer

- Buckets with Lids

- Large Garbage Bin

- Spray Paint

- Shovels

- Travel Expenses