Cascade County has everything you need for adventuring through the Little Belts.


Cascade County

Where the Mountains Meet the Plains

From anywhere in Cascade County you can look out and see where the Rockies taper out into the great Montana Plains.  Great Falls, Montana is the main city and offers all modern services, and is located about 1 hour north of the Little Belts. You can find great services in the smaller towns as well, like Neihart and Monarch, Montana. Cascade county is filled with amazing recreational opportunities such as the Missouri River, and great National Forest Access and four state parks,! These parks are a great way to connect with Native American history as well as the early pioneers, both leaving a lasting impact on the culture in this area. You can Visit both The First Peoples Buffalo Jump and Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center to discover a wealth of knowledge or visit The Sluice Boxes or Tower Rock State Parks to find adventure. No matter where you go in Cascade County you can find lots of fun!

Cascade County Location