The trails in this area are spectacular with vast and almost endless routes to take, the Little Belt Mountains have a lots to do for everyone!



Amazing Hiking All Around

There are numerous beautiful hikes to take in the Little Belt Mountains located only minutes off the highways. The Lewis and Clark National Forest offers a variety of walking hikes that can take you to spectacular views. From easy hikes that take less than an hour to hikes that can take all day. 

Hiking Access Points from the Highway

Logging Creek Hughesville
Belt Park Hover Creek
Harley Creek Carpenter Creek
O'Brian Creek Lower Jefferson Creek
Upper Jefferson Creek  Snowmobile Parking Lot
Divide Road King's Hill
Porphyry Peak Deadman Creek
Ranch Creek Jumping Creek
Allen Gulch Adams Creek
Moose Creek Stud Horse 
Miller Gulch Newlan Creek
Fourmile Road Spring Creek
Lode Rd. to Jellison Place Sawmill Road
Pigeye Road Dry Wolf, Sage Creek, Woodhurst
Lone Tree  Limestone Canyon 
Upper Logging Creek Road Smith River Road
Forest Lake Road Castle Town
Warm Springs Creek Moss Agate
Findon Lane Pasture Gulch
Flagstaff Creek  


Hiking Checklist What to Bring

Backpack Food/Drinks
Binoculars Maps 
Hiking Boots Camping Gear
GPS Unit Extra Clothing
Knife Matches
First Aid Kit Sunglasses 
Bug repellent Extra Gas

Hiking Access Points Locations