Find everything you need to have a great time while in the area right in White Sulphur Springs, Meagher County Montana.


Meagher County

The Nexus of the Little Belts

Meagher County or as some refer to it as "The Smith River Valley" is a recreational haven for all outdoor enthusiasts. White Sulphur  Springs is the county seat, home to roughly 1,000 residents, and here you can find everything you need for an amazing adventure. Aside from the Little Belts, The Big Belt Mountains, the Castle Mountains and the Crazy Mountains are also contained within the county which also have ample places to check out. There are endless recreational possibilities and some of the most amazing views in Montana! Giant, wide open spaces truly make this area amazing to explore, making it perfect for day trips down the river or downhill skiing at Showdown Montana. 

Meagher County Location


Twin Sisters Webcam - White Sulphur Springs Montana